Inspiration should be a commodity, not a luxury.

It’s bread and butter (and cheese and milk and pasta and pizza) to every creative soul (and stomach).

And when the hunger strikes, the hunger roars,

with love, sweat, tears, and a lot of Googling.

LoveTheWorkMore compiles (and constantly updates) all Cannes-winning advertising works from this year forward, dated all the way backwards to 1954.

Yes, even back in the day when the chance of winning a Grand Prix was even lower than getting struck by lightning.

That’s the nature of this industry, greatness is tough to reach, but should never be tough to see.

That’s why we are willing to share them for free,

no paywall, no subscription, no submission of ID to prove how young, broke and passionate you are.

Greatness is not for a chosen few. Greatness is not exclusive to those who can afford it. Greatness is not ageist.

Because the more greatness we take in, the less shittiness we put out,

and that’s for you, an intern, or you, a CCO, or you, who couldn’t care less about advertising.

Enough talking. We will give the mic to the works themselves now.

We are Quynh Tran and Toan Mai, wishing you more love.